Uncommon Me International

Innovative Team of Young People with a Burning Passion to Make a Difference in the World and Raising Passionate Leaders for Betterment in their Communities.


A Network of people who deeply understand the plight of the individual in the society and are ready to create a better society that understanding thrives, and an environment which everybody lives to their Uncommon Dream. Our common goal is to make life better for every individual.


Uncommon Me International also provides a forum for young people to develop, organize, network, learn new things, and share their hopes and concerns in a public setting. At Uncommon Me, we see young people addressing the issues they care most about and that often affect them most directly and also the community. This might be in their schools, workplace, neighborhoods, communities and countries. We encourage and see young people playing active roles in addressing issues being a part of creating solutions. Our inspiration and knowledge from these young people and their environment is part of what prompted the creation of this Network.


Uncommon Me International also believes greatly in the power of mentor-ship. Adults play an important role in “creating the space” and engaging youth in planning, implementation, and follow-up for a mentor-ship experience.


Raising Passionate Leaders For Betterment of Society


* Inspire people to think bigger and think differently above what is possible in their community.

* Equip people with the knowledge, skill and tool they need to effectively lead change.

* Connect people across sector, geographies and cultural community.

* Raising a brand of leaders who are

– Ready to embark on personality/character transformation.

– Doggedly passionate for betterment in every sphere of existence.

– Eager to rise above the grounds of depression, shame and low self-esteem.

* Raising a network of leaders who are

– Bold to confront situations affecting them, the individual and the society.

– With positive: self-identity, self-awareness, self-discipline and self-esteem.

– Passionate to affect lives through ideal exemplary leadership.



Raising a formidable team [Network of Leaders] whose anchor is based on Personal Discovery and Personal Development for effective Leadership Development and Community Transformation.