I noticed that that for there to be sustainable development in my community, the best place to begin will be the life of young people. I wanted things to be different in my community, which led me to start the Uncommon Me Project; we aimed towards raising a generation of youths that are different, inspiring, and passionate about getting things better in the community. I wanted to reach out to these young ones and expose them to the right information they need in other to be better and do better.


Expression Summit Series has been our most significant achievement yet.


The aim of this summit is to harness the leadership potentials, develop entrepreneurial skills, and develop strong character value in the lives of young leaders. Our interest is to share our wealth of experience, exposure and knowledge to our younger generation as our own way of giving back to the society.


After thoughtful plans on how we can effectively do my part, we ventured into High School Tour in 2015 which we started in Federal Government Girl’s College, Owerri and in April/May 2016, we went to over 30 High Schools in Enugu Metropolis, talking to over 200 young people in few of the schools which includes Baptist High School, Queen’s Comprehensive and many others.


In May 2016, also we hosted the first “Expression Summit” Project in Enugu which we called “Coal City High School Expression Summit” which had students from over 5 High Schools in Enugu in attendance.

Through it we were able to reach out to young people in a spectacular way; it is fortified with successful Entrepreneurs and Professionals Life Experiences. In September 2016, also we hosted the second “Expression Summit” Project in Enugu which we called “Expression Summit 1.1” which had students from over 8 High Schools and Universities in Enugu in attendance.


During the planning of the first summit we invited over 35 schools in Enugu metropolis in which most of the schools clearly rejected our invitation, stating that the student do not need such exposure.


Our Guest Speaker for the first edition was Admiral Ejike Okpa, who was a Dallas Mayoral Candidate, an Admiral in Texas Navy based on recognition of his Texas/Dallas community service, Founding Sponsor of Martin Luther King Jnr National Memorial in DC, he was once Chair of Martin Luther King Jnr Community Center in Dallas by the Mayor of Dallas and Chair, International Trade and Relations and Chair, Business and Economic Development Committee and also a Board Member of Uncommon Me International; being on the same platform with him enlightened all in attendance, inspiring us to be more better Nigerians, being such a successful Nigerian-American, he thoughtfully engaged these young students on self-realization, career choice, mentorship and personality development class which lasted for almost 2 hours. What we all felt after such experience heightened beyond expectation and the feedback forms where very much superb that we had to plan for another edition in July which later held in September 17th due to the fact that we had troubles securing a venue, which was a challenge we experienced during the first edition.


Our trainers and facilitators are entrepreneurs, leadership consultants and professionals cutting across various spheres of influence, which inspired, engaged, and coached these young ones.

Expression Summit

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